Jamie Dumont on location with knowjack media
Picture courtesy of Jack Atkinson

Companies and creators only seem to show the result of their hard work on their websites and social media. That's a shame. Whilst the finished article is often exceptional, it's the techniques, the skill and use of materials that go into the final result that I find truly inspiring. The process that leads to an item of clothing, a piece of furniture or a beautiful plate of food tells the story of the people that made it.

I've found that when a brand or creator shares their behind-the-scenes process, their customers become more invested in the brand, developing an affinity and emotional connection. So many people don't realise what's being made just down the road from them, and in Cornwall we're fortunate that "buying local" very often means "buying the best".

I work with both digital and film depending on a projects requirements, as both bring something unique to the table. Digital has surpassed the outright image quality that film can deliver, but it can't replicate it's more intangible, organic qualities which are particularly useful when trying to authentically tell an equally unquantifiable story.

Previous Work

I spent ten years as a designer & software developer. Originally, I graduated from Falmouth University as a Graphic Designer, but quickly gravitated to more technical work building websites and later applications and data infrastructure.

I've lead start-ups in London as a CTO, written software for some of the biggest names in financial services as a consultant and built websites that support the businesses for dozens of incredible individuals.

I love writing software — and still have a few hobby apps I work on — but never intended to spend as much time behind a desk as was required for a developer. I much prefer getting outside, seeing new places and meeting people with interesting stories to tell, which when combined with a love of photography prompted the change.


If you'd like to work with me on a project then please email me at hello@jamiedumont.photography

If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my blog where I regularly write about photography, cameras, software development and lots of other things.